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  • Allio

    Allio is a versatile circulation desk made with a combination of wood, laminate surfaces, metal panels and mobile storage components. Allio is available in three different configurations: Straight, L-Shape Curve, and L-Shape Straight. Each Allio desk is customizable with a variety of finishes and colours to choose from.

  • Axis

    Axis is a fixed or mobile service desk that can be built with a right or left-handed orientation and sitting or standing height. Each Axis desk is customizable with a variety of finishes and colours to choose from.

  • Baxter

    Baxter is a four-sided mobile shelving display unit that uniquely and conveniently showcases your latest media. Baxter is available in both wood or laminate finishes and swivel casters with brakes.

  • Camden

    Camden is a multi-purpose podium and desking solution for classrooms, lecture halls and other learning or teaching areas. Camden is available in a right or left-handed orientation and provides a locked cabinet for equipment and material storage.

  • Flip

    Flip is a table that features effortless flip-top technology and swivel braking casters. Choose from a wide variety of laminate finishes and 2 metal base styles: T-Base or Y-Base. Stylishly modern, easy to move and stow away to maximize space. Flip is the ideal table solution for any fast, ever-changing room settings and collaborative spaces.

  • Keystone

    Keystone is an openly accessible and mobile shelving unit ideal for storing almost anything. With swivel locking casters, this versatile unit is easy to move and brighten any space!

  • Norwood

    Norwood is a conventional and durable shelving unit suitable for any learning environment. Norwood combines the classic wooden frame with a laminate back panel, for a modern and stylish appearance!

  • Play

    Play is a mobile browser box that contains four open compartments, for easy access of the latest books and media. Play box units are made in wood or laminate surface and 3 different sizes. It can be accessorized with square vinyl cushions to set up a read and play corner. Mix and match the colours of the browsers and cushions to create an exciting learn and play room!

  • Shape

    Shape is a collection of fun shaped tables that can be arranged in a variety of creative ways. Choose from a wide selection of colours, finishes and leg options. Use Shape individually or mix and match different table shapes together to transform spaces into unique and exciting learning environments!

  • Sola

    Sola is a contemporary mobile shelving collection that is constructed of wood and metal. It is available in a curved or straight model, with adjustable shelves and swivel braking casters. This versatile unit can store and display almost anything. It can be arranged in various configurations to fit the space available. Choose from a wide variety of colours and add an attractive design flair to the environment.

  • Solice

    Solice is a soft lounge seating collection crafted in various shape models. They fit together and complement each other to create engaging areas for activities or rest. Mix and match numerous colours to transform any space for collaboration, learning or quiet reflection.

  • Zenn

    Zenn is a durable panel-based table, designed with simple sophistication. Zenn is available in wood or laminate surface and varying width and height. It is made with a concealed wire management chase for a clean, uncluttered look.