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Aspen collection pays tribute to centuries past in its distinctive Mission-style design and in the handcraftsmanship that is devoted to each desk (carrel), display and table.

With its elegant balance of rich hardwood and airy glass, the Bannister collection pays tribute to historic old-world design and handcraftsmanship that is devoted to each desk (carrel), display and table.

NuMedia Camden is a multi-purpose podium and desking solution for classrooms, lecture halls and other learning or teaching areas. Camden is available in a right or left-handed orientation and provides a locked cabinet for equipment and material storage.

Element collection is a combination of the classic and the contemporary where handcraftsmanship combines the finest of natural and man-made elements to each desk (carrel), display, and table that offers enduring functionality and distinctive silhouettes.

Flex table exemplifies the culmination of both wood and metal. With a variety of different designs & finishes to choose from, it is a wonderful marriage of furniture materials that paves the way for a productive workspace in any environment or team space.  Available as a table, carrel, and/or with regular or extended/high divider screens …

NuMedia Flip is a table that features effortless flip-top technology and swivel braking casters. Choose from a wide variety of laminate finishes and 2 metal base styles: T-Base or Y-Base. Stylishly modern, easy to move and stow away to maximize space. Flip is the ideal table solution for any fast, ever-changing room settings and collaborative …

Shapes, Sizes, Profile and Options allows Fluid to remain elegantly simple but suitable for any environment of space. Designed with a harmonious mixture of wood, laminate, and metal, Fluid is made for spaces where people come together.  Available as a table, carrel and/or with regular or extended/high divider screens to ensure the safety and health …

Fusion collection is striking in its contrasts: hardwood and steel, sheens and shadows, solids and translucent.  The result is a range of innovative yet elegant desk (carrel), display and table that compliment both conservative and contemporary environments.

Kreate the table you want with Kreations “mix & match” table program. With a variety of tabletops and base styles, customizable to your specific preferences. Kreations fits into any environment and supports a wide variety of functions to promote seamless collaboration and media sharing among learners.