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  • Aspen

    Aspen table is part of a collection of products under the Aspen name. See the Aspen chair, carrels and displays.

  • Aurora

    Aurora is practical elegance. Alone or grouped, the Aurora is a highly functional yet flexible work surface.

  • Bannister

    Bannister is a bit of the past mixed in with the materials and design of present day. Bannister table is part of the collection under the Bannister name. See Bannister carrels and displays.

  • Camden

    Camden is a multi-purpose podium and desking solution for classrooms, lecture halls and other learning or teaching areas. Camden is available in a right or left-handed orientation and provides a locked cabinet for equipment and material storage.

  • Econoline

    The Econoline table is available in rectangular, circular or oval shapes. See specifications for more details.

  • Element

    This wooden table with metallic accents comes in a table or carrel.

  • Flex

    Flex is a modern table that combines the beauty of wood and metal to provide an elegant work surface.

  • Flip

    Flip is a table that features effortless flip-top technology and swivel braking casters. Choose from a wide variety of laminate finishes and 2 metal base styles: T-Base or Y-Base. Stylishly modern, easy to move and stow away to maximize space. Flip is the ideal table solution for any fast, ever-changing room settings and collaborative spaces.

  • Fluid

    Fluid is so eleganty simple and suitable for a range of environments. Fluid comes as a table or as a carrel.

  • Fusion

    Fusion table is part of the Fusion group of products.

    Standard work surface height shall be 29″ high. Optional heights of 32″ – wheelchair, 27″ and 25″ may be specified at no additional upcharge.

  • Kreations

    Kreations is a mix & match program that allows you to 'kreate' the table that suit your style and needs!

    Simple as 1, 2 & 3:

    1) Choose a Table Top Shape

    2) Then pick an Edge Style

    3) Finish it off with a the Leg Option

    Over 2000 combinations and possibilities–Kreate the table you want with Kreations!

  • Lagoon