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  • Bulldog

    See Bulldog chairs and benches also.

  • Fulton

    Multi-functional, modern and a simple form with subtle curves.

  • Henry

    See Henry chair also.

  • Kicca

    See Kicca swivel and leg chairs also.

  • Locke

    Active, dynamic seating, ergonomically formed and suitable for multiple spaces.

  • Nest

    See Nest chair also.

  • Ongo

    The Ongo is not just a stool, it's a workout. This comfortable, colourful stool is great in any setting and is suitable for ages 12 and up. For youngsters there is the Ongo Kit. Click here to watch the video to learn more about the Ongo stool.


  • Ongo Kit

    This kids version of the Ongo stool is perfect for youngsters that just can't sit still.

  • Tweet

    See Tweet chairs also.

  • Wood Stool