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  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is lounge seating at its finest. Various colours and base options available.

  • Bloom

    Have some furniture fun with Bloom! Bloom pieces can be arranged in various formations. Group them into a flower, a smile or create a serpentine formation. Bloom products are available in vinyl or soft upholstered finishes.


  • Corfu

    Corfu. So inviting. Soft, durable and supremely comfortable seating.

  • Jade

    Serene and calm, Jade is sure to be a zen-like experience.

  • Molecule

    Molecule brings you the comfort of your living room into a collaborative or community space.

  • Penny

    Cubed or rectangular forms, the Penny is a geometric gem.

  • Pods by Dre

    Pods by Dre is a comfortable, stylish and power-ready seating designed for a variety of spaces and any symbiotic environment. Check into your Pod today, connect with others or plug into your private power seat!

  • Solice

    Solice is a soft lounge seating collection crafted in various shape models. They fit together and complement each other to create engaging areas for activities or rest. Mix and match numerous colours to transform any space for collaboration, learning or quiet reflection.

  • Urban

    Urban is a collection of chic, modular and customizable lounge units, suitable for any space and application. It offers elegance, exceptional comfort, versatile transformation of your space! Each individual lounge seat, bench or table in this collection is sold separately.