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Aspen collection pays tribute to centuries past in its distinctive Mission-style design and in the handcraftsmanship that is devoted to each desk (carrel), display and table.

With its elegant balance of rich hardwood and airy glass, the Bannister collection pays tribute to historic old-world design and handcraftsmanship that is devoted to each desk (carrel), display and table.

Element collection is a combination of the classic and the contemporary where handcraftsmanship combines the finest of natural and man-made elements to each desk (carrel), display, and table that offers enduring functionality and distinctive silhouettes.

Fusion collection is striking in its contrasts: hardwood and steel, sheens and shadows, solids and translucent.  The result is a range of innovative yet elegant desk (carrel), display and table that compliment both conservative and contemporary environments.

Linx information desk system is designed to integrate into many of the Palmieri furniture collections. Ultimate flexibility and durability is the cornerstone of Linx information desk system. Experience high-quality construction of wood components that can be configured to meet a multitude of functional needs. Deliver superior quality and design in your space with Linx by …

The pursuit of excellence begins with an innovative vision. Princeton achieves this goal with timeless elegance and precision craftsmanship. Exclusive to Palmieri, Princeton encompasses all possible attributes with exceptional beauty and sophistication.