• Aspen Table


    Aspen table is part of a collection of products under the Aspen name. See the Aspen chair, carrels and displays.

  • aurora_rectangle02-web


    Aurora is practical elegance. Alone or grouped, the Aurora is a highly functional yet flexible work surface.

  • Bannister


    Bannister is a bit of the past mixed in with the materials and design of present day. Bannister table is part of the collection under the Bannister name. See Bannister carrels and displays.

  • Econoline


    The Econoline table is available in rectangular, circular or oval shapes. See specifications for more details.

  • Element


    This wooden table with metallic accents comes in a table or carrel.

  • Flex Rectangular Table


    Flex is a modern table that combines the beauty of wood and metal to provide an elegant work surface.

  • Fluid Rectangle Table


    Fluid is so eleganty simple and suitable for a range of environments. Fluid comes as a table or as a carrel.

  • Fusion


    Fusion table is part of the Fusion group of products.

    Standard work surface height shall be 29″ high. Optional heights of 32″ – wheelchair, 27″ and 25″ may be specified at no additional upcharge.

  • Kreations Mix & Match Program


    Kreations is a mix & match program that allows you to ‘kreate’ the table that suit your style and needs!

    Simple as 1, 2 & 3:

    1) Choose a Table Top Shape

    2) Then pick an Edge Style

    3) Finish it off with a the Leg Option

    Over 2000 combinations and possibilities–Kreate the table you want with Kreations!

  • Lagoon2


  • Lavoro Mobile Storage Maker Table E1M

    Lavoro Maker

    Create unique zones of self-directed learning spaces and encourage curiosity, inventions and help imaginations come to life with Lavoro maker tables!

  • Leaf


    Leaf was designed for working in spaces with challenging pillar posts. Leaf can also be formed in serpentine shapes to add flow and movement to any space. Discover the leaf.