• America


    America is lounge seating at its finest. Various colours and corner options available.

  • Bloom


    Have some furniture fun with Bloom! Bloom pieces can be arranged in various formations. Group them into a flower, a smile or create a serpentine formation. Bloom products are available in vinyl or soft upholstered finishes.


  • Corfu


    Corfu. So inviting. Soft, durable and supremely comfortable seating.

  • Jade


    Serene and calm, Jade is sure to be a zen-like experience.

  • Molecule


    Molecule brings you the comfort of your living room into a collaborative or community space.

  • Pace


    Combination of wood and upholstery and its unique design makes the Pace lounger truly unique.

  • Penny


    Cubed or rectangular forms, the Penny is a geometric gem.

  • Pods 1-Seater & Cube

    Pods by Dre

    Pods by Dre is a comfortable, stylish and power-ready seating designed for a variety of spaces and any symbiotic environment. Check into your Pod today, connect with others or plug into your private power seat!